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Sales Syllabus is a premium education platform providing formal sales education to sales and business professional which they are not exposed to, because of the gap in our education system. Let us give you the ultimate edge to supersheet your competition.

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Sales Education Result

45 %
Revnue Growth
150 %
Premium Client Growth
400 %
Process Improvement
250 %
Improved Sales Forecasting

What is Formal Sales Education?

First of all let us understand what is formal education. An education which is delivered through organised curriculum to students with an objective to enhance skills and equip students to solve related problems is called as formal education. For exmaple if we have problem in calculating we use maths knowledge to calculate , if we face probelm in science application at any level we use related scentific education to solve the problem , But whenever we have sales related problem we don't have any reference point to refer, because formal sales education is not provided to us. We take the initiative to provide formal sales education to improve sales productivty in organizations. For detail understanding about syllabus and brochure please write to us or contact us.


Why is it needed?

Sales education is not provided to us in our education system , which creates a void or gap in understanding sales as a concept.

Impact of This Gap

Low sales productivty in companies and slow growth for majority of sales professionals and entrepreuners.


Ready to Grow?

Learning Programme

Uniqueness of the programme

This learning program is created for tranformation of individual , we work on 40+ inherit traits which is required for individual to be sales performer. Our program brings long term transformation in individual with respect to sales understanding and problem solving approach .Our working model is very different from generic training programs which provides short term training solution.

Formal Sales Education

Credibility of the Course

Research based curriculum. We had conducted research for around 5 years with various companies to arrive into conclusion of delivery. More than 100+ organizations and 200+ individuals are benefited with this till now.



Output is clearly measurable with the assistance of our assesment process

Effective management of team
Improved sales performance
Wider insight for solving sales challenge
Commit less mistakes

Who is it for?


Fresh passout looking for career in sales- Start your career with complete sales knowledge not the half knowledge , complete your knowledge with sales syllabus.

Sales Professionals

Your boss will never teach you all skills because you can replace him , lets talk how you can grow 3X faster in your career.


Become a mentor to your sales team with formal sales education. This program will change the way your company do sales.


Upskill your sales team and improve sales productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions?

By clearing interview and assesment test.

With defined milestones and skill gap analysis.

We do not promote placement at our end, however we have industry tied up where you can apply and get referred. Final selection is based on your performance and shoristing.



Yes depends on volume , How many candidates are joining

Yes, we have process for it, we will contact you on this.

Food For Thought

For Professionals

Why a particular sales person becomes performer and other is non performer in same company at the same level from similar institutes and education background?

For Entrepreuners

Why competitors become market leader , although you had started in same time?

For Oragnizations

Why is your company investing salary on low productive sales representative and hurting your CASH FLOW?

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