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Our Approach

We create your company’s customized syllabus for sales

Create detail curriculum driven by modern sales techniques and tools

Equip your sales team with learning material for improving sales performance

Coach your team with best of our subject matter experts

Why sales syllabus ?

Formal sales education

Formal sales education is not taught to us in business schools, marketing and sales education provided to us in business school are far way from realistic scenarios. This is one the main reason of non -performance in sales departments of many companies. Sales representative don’t know the systematic methods of selling.

Blind learning

There is no organized learning of sales and there is no organized syllabus for sales learning, Sales learning is considered as soft skill learning, WHICH IS NOT CORRECT. Softskill learning is different and sales learning is totally different. Sales is a hard skills not a soft skills.


Sales Syllabus is a lifelong asset of organization, once the syllabus and learning content is created it remains with organization for life long.

Logical thinking

Learning content created by sales syllabus team is designed in such way that it invokes logical thinking during non-performance time in the thought process of sales professionals.

What’s New

Features of learning content

Built in association with industry experts

Sucessfully tested in more than 100+ organizations

Replicate real-time challenges and solution

Practically applicable to sales representative current job role

Till now more than 100+ companies are benefited with learning content and numbers are growing on a daily basis


How it looks like and potential use cases

We deliver learning content in all formats as required by clients. It starts from PDF, and goes till video creation on requirement basis. Companies can give entire document in the form of digital handbook to sales team.

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Our Focus Area

  • Sales process understanding and lead generation
  • Methods of building quality presentation
  • How to block objections from customers
  • Building Credibility
  • Identifying the right prospect
  • Probing skills
  • Fast sales
  • Value-based selling
  • Meeting decision-makers
  • Asking great sales questions
  • Sales governance
  • Shifting buyer’s mindset
  • Sales forecasting
  • Up selling
  • Build a sales conversation
  • Client Engagement
  • Negotiations
  • Sales monitoring
  • Retain or fire a sales executive
  • Smart sales hiring
  • Sales culture building
  • How to create sales stories
  • Channel sales
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