Sales Process

Sales Process





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It’s a workshop for companies who looking for increasing their enquiry to admission ratio.




  • Duration of workshop: 10.5 hours
  • Number of sessions: 03
  • Spread across days: 05



  1. Increase enquiry to admission ratio
  2. Create attractive value proposition
  3. Probing – Know inside the brain of customer
  4. Get to know how to shift buyer mindset
  5. Differentiate yourself from competition
  6. Get to know to build quality sales conversation




1. Sales Process

  • Helping Customer v/s Selling
  • Handling Objections
  • 3-F Principle
  • Funnel Evaluation

2. Servicing the Client

  • Problem Solving – Why, How and Tools

3. Building Relationships

  • People Skills

4. Retaining Existing Customers

5. Growing the Business / Cross Selling

6. Getting Referrals from Accounts

 7. Importance of Goals in  Account Management

  •  Driving the Account with Work Ethic
  • Developing Focus

8. Specific Tools to Manage  Accounts

  • Follow Up Tools for Account Mapping
  • Review Tools
  • Information Gathering Tools (Customer Kundli)

9. Time, Task and Energy Management

10 Creating a WIN-WIN Situation



Delivery consultant :  Vinay Maste


Consultant Profile

Vinay Maste is a dynamic professional with over 30 years of rich experience in Sales, Training, Business Development, Key Account Management as well as Channel Management, Product Management, and Marketing.

Vinay has created a unique and innovative Module - "The A-B-C of Self-Management" and has delivered it to several organizations - Netmagic, RCF, IPCA Laboratories, Intelenet Global, Nomura, General Mills, just to name a few.

The overwhelming feedback from these sessions - by the participants as well as their seniors - has been very positive and the common thread running through all the responses has been, "this was very revealing; I learnt more about myself in 2 days; I can start applying these principles from today itself"

A major reason why Vinay’s programs are popular is that he is an effective communicator with good presentation skills.

Another reason is that he only teaches what he lives by. Most of the content for his Training Courses comes from his personal Library of close to 300 books (all dedicated to Human Potential Development) and from the Seminars that he attends every single month!

Vinay Maste is open for Training and Consulting assignments; you need to experience his magic at least once in your organization – you will never forget the experience!





Special Module Details
Special Tests on:
  • 1.Notes as per syllabus topics.
  • 2.tests as per syllabus topics
  • 3.Video explanation of the above tests.
  • 4.Notes as per syllabus topics
  • 5.tests as per syllabus topics
  • 6.Video explanation of the above tests.
  • PDFs
  • Videos
  • Tests


  1. Workshop
  2. Language English
  3. Published date: 18/08/2020
  4. Course Duration: