Route to Team Manager

Route to Team Manager


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1. 15 Voiceover video with presentation ( 7 to 15 min each )

2.19 chapter

3. 5 PDF

4.3 Excel sheet


1.Building credibility

2. Identifying Prospect

3. Sales hiring

Hire through mathematical process, sales is a combination of art and science and hiring sales people scientifically always lead to huge success

4. Sales Planning

Sales planning is important skill, which is required for managers , Learn to see growth wise planing

.5 Sales Culture

Learn to build Sales culture to encourage innovative thinking, without loosing bottom line

6.Retain or Fire executive

Every manager faces the dielema to keep or terminate sales person , learn on how to help struggling sales person by putting them on well defined plan of action

7.Sales monitoring

Monitor your team with actionable plans

8. Sales forecasting

Forecast your sales numbers with higher amount of accuracy


Quantify your client need and underestand their spent and pain areas without asking them

Course Benfits

1. Individual performer can transform themselve to team manager and grow in their career

2. Current team managers can increase their  team productivity

Underlying Magic

Challenges you can solve with this course

1. Shorten sales cycle of team

2. Enahnce account management

3. Increase team and self productivity

Self analysis

Call us to get industry standard salary copmarison year wise for sales professional


You can fasten your career growth and take next step up position in our professional career




Special Module Details
Special Tests on:
  • 1.Notes as per syllabus topics.
  • 2.tests as per syllabus topics
  • 3.Video explanation of the above tests.
  • 4.Notes as per syllabus topics
  • 5.tests as per syllabus topics
  • 6.Video explanation of the above tests.
3600 ( 4500 )

  • PDFs
  • Videos
  • Tests


  1. Self learning
  2. Language English
  3. Published date: 12/08/2020
  4. Course Duration: