Corporate sales

Corporate sales


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1. 12 Voiceover video with presentation ( 7 to 15 min each )

2.19 chapter

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Identifying Prospect

Building credibility


Course Benefits

Underlying Magic

Challenges you can solve with this course

Self analysis

Call us to get industry standard salary copmarison year wise for sales professional


You can sell to companies like amazon, acenture, tcs with the help of learning from this course


Special Module Details
Special Tests on:
  • 1.Notes as per syllabus topics.
  • 2.tests as per syllabus topics
  • 3.Video explanation of the above tests.
  • 4.Notes as per syllabus topics
  • 5.tests as per syllabus topics
  • 6.Video explanation of the above tests.
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  • PDFs
  • Videos
  • Tests


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  3. Published date: 11/08/2020
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